Condit's Ranch was established in 1960. Ken and Julann Condit and Don and Amanda Condit purchased the beautiful bluff property from their elderly Aunt and Uncle.


 Ken and Julann were both educators and Don and Amanda farmed several acres in a nearby community. They began with a small area for camping and horse stables in the "old red barn". The "old red barn" underwent renovation in 2008. It proudly hosts many activities for the campers!  As the campground grew, Don and Amanda purchased a farm a mile down the road from the campground and moved the horses there. Ken and Julann, while still educators, continued to run the campground with their 4 daughters. 


The stables and campground both began as hobbies, but their love for the area and opportunity to share it with others made it into a place for all to treasure. In 2005, Don and Amanda “retired” the horses, closing the stables for public riding. However, if you drive by, there are still some long, 4-legged beauties in the pasture as his son and family who now live there, have a few horses of their own along with a few borders.  



The Condit roots run deep in the area.  The town of Putnam was originally settled by and named after their ancestors.  The name was changed from Condit to Putnam when the railroad came through.  There are still several reminders present in town though.  The Condit Memorial library still stands today and many of the streets in the town are named after relatives.


The area is also rich in Indian history as the Potawatomi tribe once inhabited it.  Chief Senachwine is a well known historical figure in the area with many namesakes.

The campground began with just a few sites having simple amenities.

NOW with over 300 sites, the campground caters to the primitive campers, who carry only a tent, to full hook-up sites for the largest of rigs. Condit's has a spot for everyone!

 Old Red Barn

In 2007, we lost one of our founding fathers, dad, Kenny, Grandpa, Mr.Condit; he wore many hats through his lifetime. He touched many lives with his friendly disposition, positive attitude and that wonderfully warm smile!  Those memories help to ease the ache of loss and encourage us to carry on. His spirit is definitely with us as we begin a new, promising camping season! The dedication page is in honor of him.